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 Earn Holistic Medicine & Natural Healing College Degree Course.

 College Degrees Course Offered Online & Distance Learning.

 We are a long distance institution of higher learning. Our home study programs allow students to study and work at their own pace and in their own personal environment. Initially, most students will enroll in a program to learn the basics to improve their immediate situations. Excited by what they learn, many will just naturally want to share this knowledge! Our curriculum teaches these students to share their studies in both formal and informal settings and will help provide the skills they need.

 Students often see themselves taking on part-time or full-time Careers in Natural Health; and for these motivated individuals, the sky is the limit above this new field of dreams!

 Students benefit from the college's flexible and innovative approach to health and nutrition.

 Never has there been such an extensive, natural health study program. You will be well satisfied with your new-found knowledge of nature, and your perceptions and approach toward wellness will be unparalleled by any other system of health care in the world!


WE OFFER "Marijuana Education" 

The Marijuana Education was created with one sole purpose: to Inform and Empower.

A shift in perception demands a shift in education. Our comprehensive curriculum was created to put the most current, research-based information in the hands of parents, mentors, and educators and open the door to helping adolescents make informed decisions about marijuana. An informed youth is an empowered youth.

Marijuana Education is leading the conversation about the impact of legalized marijuana on youth. We are the most credible, proven source of information, materials, and training to help communities, schools, families, legislators, corporations, policymakers, and organizations navigate the evolution of legalized cannabis.

Marijuana legalization is creating a new social and cultural paradigm in the United States. We offers comprehensive, progressive, research-based educational curricula that evolve with emerging marijuana legalization. This multi-tiered system of support focuses on marijuana education, prevention, and intervention for youth and helps promote an understanding of the differences between adult cannabis use and youth cannabis use, and medicinal use and recreational use.

Our curricula teach and inform using the most up-to-date material. We do not promote the “Just Say No” approach of years past, which we now know is ineffective. We offers an educational solution that is relevant in today’s post – legalization environment. It is based on the most current research, engages students on an intellectual level, and empowers them to take positive action.

 Welcome to Learn, your guide to understanding the essential topics and laws relating to cannabis. We created Learn to offer reliable educational resources for novice and connoisseur consumers alike. Like the plant we know and love, this section will grow, so stay tuned for updates.


Thai Herbal Education

Based on the holistic principles of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, Thai herbalism is a vibrant ancient tradition that was preserved over a millennium in the monasteries and temple of Bangkok, and which continues to be practiced in villages throughout Thailand to this day.

Of interest to herbalists and massage therapists alike, A Thai Herbal introduces the basic principles of this unique from Thai Herbal of healing in simple and clear terms, and presents over 150 individual herbs with their used in Thai, Chinese, Ayuravedic, and Western herbalism. This course is informative and practical, translating ancient ideas into a modern context and providing helpful tips and recipes for experienced and beginning herbalists. Best of all, this course is fun, offering easy recipes for home remedies, beauty products, and cuisine that will make the world of Thai tradition come alive in your home.

A Thai Herbal places the popular practice of Thai massage, a treatment that is enjoying increasing popularity in Western spas. Acupressure charts provide guidance for Thai energy meridian work, and suggestions for treatment of specific ailments.